Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bank Syariah Expect Tax Incentives

JAKARTA - Actor Islamic banking Homeland expect any tax incentives to customers who place their funds in Islamic banks. According to the Director of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Sharia, Ventje Rahardjo, this could be one way of encouraging the growth of Islamic banking in the future.

"We hope that from the demand side," he told Reuters recently. He said for example on deposit products, there is a tax on customers below 20 percent. "So far, just the same as conventional," he explained. He claimed to expect leniency in order to place the acceleration in the growth of Islamic banking assets.

The same thing also recognized Senior Vice President Head of Islamic Banking, Islamic business units (UUS) CIMB Niaga, U Saefudin Noer. He said there are two tax issues that need to be a concern in the development of Islamic banking Homeland tax neutrality and tax incentives (tax write-offs).

He isentif tax rate necessary to encourage Islamic banking more attractive to players who enter the industry and is getting more benefits. "With the funding base for the real sector and the underlying assets, Islamic banking has a unique and driving force for growth in the real sector," he explained.

On the other hand, removal of taxes will give fair treatment of every contract of Islamic banks as banking products and eliminate taxes that did not need. Not only the elimination of double taxation on murabaha transactions, but also ijara and other taxes due to the use of a hybrid contract.

reference: REPUBLIKA[CO]ID
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