Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OJK bill stalled, for BI That Good News

JAKARTA - The House of Representatives and the government never get a consensus in the discussion of the bill the Financial Services Authority (OJK). OJK wrong when it should bill in coming weeks. For Bank Indonesia (BI) development is a positive thing.

Governor of Bank Indonesia Nasution said that since the beginning of Bank Indonesia is not involved in the discussion of the bill OJK. "We never invited," he said on Thursday (14 / 7).

He also stated, when the discussion of the bill is still constrained, it is good news for the BI. "We think it is closer to our expectations. But what would happen we do not know," he said.

Nonetheless, he said, Bank Indonesia still holds, bank supervision is something that is indispensable in making policy decisions. "Also important in the development of payment systems," he said.

Until now, the bill still stalled OJK. Government and Parliament have agreed on the structure, appointments, and how council elections commissioner. A number of working meetings held not found a satisfactory result. As a result of this bill threatened void.

reference: REPUBLIKA[CO]ID
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