Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OJK bill stalled, the Government and Parliament Find meeting Point

JAKARTA - Members of the House Commission XI, Achsanul Qosasi states, the government and Parliament are still talking about the formation of the board of commissioners in OJK later. Parliament still firm to the composition of the board of commissioners from two of the House, five independent, and two from the government.

While the government proposes komisoner board consists of two ex-officio and seven members of the government. "Both options are pretty good, obviously there must be a point temunya," he said in Jakarta on Thursday (14 / 7).

While other members of the committee bill OJK Harry Azhar Azis said the board of commissioners will have a chairman who gave birth to a matter of institutional and international courts. Vice-chairman who gave birth to a matter of internal governance.

In addition, there are commissioners who take care of banking, capital markets, IKMB, and other financial institutions. OJK also equipped with the audit and ethics committee. "In addition, members who take care komisoner consumer protection and law enforcement," said Harry.

So far, the government and parliament have agreed to conduct the fit and proper test board of commissioners. Previously proposed, the appointment of the board of commissioners candidate appointed by the government and confirmed by Parliament.

Confirmation was conducted to assess the character and track record of prospective commissioners. "Well now, we agreed that the commissioners appointed candidate does not pass the confirmation, but through a fit and proper by the House," he said.

Government and Parliament have also agreed about the independence OJK. Later OJK be independent in two structurally and functionally. "They will be structurally independent such as the Attorney General and functionally independent as MK, BI, and the KPK," said Achsanul.

OJK can investigate, but they can not prosecute.

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