Monday, July 25, 2011

Ciputra, The low percentage pity Entrepreneur in Indonesia

NUSA DUA - Founder of Ciputra Group, Ir. Ciputra, deplored the low percentage of entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Currently the percentage of new entrepreneurs in the country reached 0.18 percent.

"Ideally, the percentage of employers that a minimum of two percent. We've only reached 0.18 percent," Ciputra said when met at the sidelines of the 'Regional Entrepreneurship Summit 2011', in Nusa Dua, Bali.

Ciputra said alias mindset ingrained mindset of the employee must be converted into an entrepreneur minded minded. He said the change in mindset must be done from a bench-kindergarten through college.

"As many as 90 percent of our problems that mindset into an entrepreneur who is still lacking," Ciputra straightforward. To that end, he proposed to the government to change the education curriculum in order to birth an independent personality and have a mental self entrepreneur.

Mindset changes, added Ciputra, also needs to be done in the ranks of faculty as teachers. "Teachers should be washed mindset in order to educate students to be creative," said Ciputra. He said if a change of mindset has been successfully performed and the role of government is active, the percentage of entrepreneurs can grow to two percent within the next 25 years.

"The budget to develop entrepreneurship as well if you can be 10 percent of the existing allocation. If now the education budget of Rp 250 trillion, so 10 percent or Rp 25 trillion for it," said Ciputra. He is optimistic that if the educational curriculum change, mindset and the increasingly active role of government, economic growth in Indonesia could eventually reach 10 percent per year.

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