Friday, July 15, 2011

BI: Class of Defeat Rupiah Ringgit Border

BATAM - Distribution of the money that is not smooth to the outer islands of Indonesia triggered weaker purchasing power in the region. Not only that, the lack of supply makes the position of rupiah currency was replaced by the other countries bordering Indonesia.

Deputy Head of the Bureau of Circulation of Money Policy (BKPU) Bank Indonesia, Hasiholan Siahaan said, inflation can occur due to lack of rupiah in circulation in the area, especially in small nominal. So the price of goods should be cheap to expensive.

As a result of traders tend to fill up the goods at a nominal value of money in circulation. "For example the original price of only $ 700. Due to no money with nominal Rp 500 and Rp 200 to Rp 1,000 menggenapkannya traders, "he said on Sunday (17 / 7).

Banks looked, redistribute the money the small cost is greater. Bringing money to one million in the form of Rp 100 thousand would be easier because it only takes a small conveyance.

The lack of supply of money also makes the position of rupiah on the outer islands are displaced by other state money. "For example in the areas of Borneo near the border of Indonesia and Malaysia. There Rupiah inferior, "he said.

Sale and purchase transactions are conducted more frequently used than Euro Ringgit. It is also caused by poor distribution of goods within the country lane to the place. As a result more people use products from Malaysia than Indonesia.

To solve all these problems, Bank Indonesia in cooperation with the Navy to provide cash services in the areas around it. Once in Miangas and surrounding areas, this program was held at the District Anamas and Natuna.

Bank Indonesia Rupiah bring as much as USD 3 billion in exchange for money shabby community property in the Natuna Islands.

Reference: REPUBLIKA[CO][ID]
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