Sunday, July 17, 2011

Develop Cooperation Indonesia-Malaysia Islamic Finance

JAKARTA - Bank Indonesia and Bank Negara Malaysia agree to boost cooperation in the development of Islamic finance. It involves the cooperation of Islamic banking is growing rapidly lately.

"Islamic finance such as Islamic banking is no longer the compliment (complementary) but has an alternative financing, said the Governor of Bank Indonesia Nasution said in Jakarta on Monday (18 / 7)." So there should be synergy of cooperation or collaboration between Islamic banking in Malaysia and Indonesia to improve quality and expand the Islamic market, "he added.

Nasution spoke at the opening of a summit of Islamic Finance between the Bank and Bank Negara Malaysia which was attended by vice president, Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, Zeti Akhtar Aziz, and Raja Muda Perak, Raja Naznin Shah, who was ambassador to Malaysia's Islamic finance.

Darmin explained in this conference will discuss technical issues such as differences in perspective sharia sharia in Indonesia and Malaysia as well as issues of accounting standards and others.

According to him, the Islamic financial system of Indonesia have much to learn from Malaysia which has grown rapidly. In the Sukuk market, scooped 72 per cent share of Malaysia's sukuk market in the world.

"Islamic finance industry in Malaysia has developed rapidly, while Indonesia is very potential market given that the largest Muslim population. So all the structure of Islamic finance issues will we elaboration of all," he said.

While Zeti explained that the cooperation of Malaysia and Indonesia build the Islamic finance industry is very important considering the contribution of Islamic finance is a deepening of the global economy.

"The Islamic financial system is increasingly important in the global economy. So it's important for us to take this opportunity, not only Malaysia and Indonesia but also other Asian countries," he said.

According to Islamic finance has a strategic opportunity to develop economic growth, so it needs cooperation with each country to develop it.

"Islamic finance will strengthen the welfare and prosperity are desirable," he said.

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