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Do Investments, So You Rich

We all know that the asset is a very valuable and humans are the most valuable asset because it is the grace of God the Creator. If sorted, then there are various kinds of assets in the face of this earth, but that is discussed here is limited to assets related to its main financial planning financial assets only.

Speaking about the addition of assets, it would be wise if we perform an evaluation of wealth (assets) net we have. Assets or net worth is the difference of the total wealth or property that you have reduced by all the existing debts.

Mathematically it can be written as follows:
H (Treasure) - U (Debt) = KB (Net Worth)

Then what is meant by wealth, aka treasure?, Is anything material you have and have a sale value (economically), for example:

   1. Balance at Bank (savings, current accounts & deposits);
   2. The market value of investment assets (bonds, mutual funds & stocks);
   3. The market value of pure gold jewelry (precious metal);
   4. Cash value life insurance;
   5. The market value of your property (the calculation is realized price for sales of property class and the closest object + tax sale value divided by 2);
   6. The market value of the vehicle (car, motorcycle);
   7. The market value of household appliances (kitchen appliances, electronics, etc.);
   8. The market value of home furnishings (furniture), the value of personal items, etc..

Then what is meant by debt?, Is the entire remainder of the loan (principal and interest) you have (remember the loan rather than equity investment from another party to you), for example:

   1. Short-term debt (up to 1 year);
   2. Medium-term over 1 year to 5 years;
   3. Long-term debt over 5 years.

The next question is how to improve the asset?, Do the investment, here are the steps:

1. Invest with a minimal amount of 10% of your income;
2. Determine target (target) such investments, eg for children's education fund during university entrance or for the preparation of buying a new home or perhaps for a vacation with the family?, Etc..;
3. Determine the time available, based on points 2 get the time available, ie available to fund 10 years of education (for parents who have children by age 8 years), funds to buy a house is planned 5 years from now and to fund needed vacation time (eg ) 9 months from now;
4. Determine your investment instruments based on the time available, form your personal investment portfolio, eg as follows:
a.Waktu available for less than 1 year, Money Market Mutual Funds (RDPU) with a combination of the deposits;
b.Waktu available between 1-3 years, Mutual Funds Fixed Income (RDPT) combined with the Balanced Fund (RDC);
c.Waktu available between 3-5 years, Balanced Fund (RDC) with a combination Equity Fund (RDS) and if possible (depending of your cash assets) can be coupled with a little combination on the purchase and sale of shares (trading) on ??the stock exchange ;
d.Diatas 5 years, Equity Fund (RDS) in large part, by a combination of investments in stock trading (fraction);
e.Catatan addition to points 'c' and 'd' is recommended only for those who already have cash assets are illiquid in the form of emergency funding that has reached 6 to 12 times the average expenditure per month;

5. Do the protection of your financial assets by purchasing life insurance through traditional products with this type of YRT (Yearly Renewable Term) ie, products that only give the insurance money without any investment or savings element. Why this type?, Because it has a large sum assured with a minimal premium, while the insurance combined with investment (unit-linked) proved in the first 5 years the cost is very expensive.

6.Lakukan monitoring of point 4 above, see the development of investment funds versus the minimum target to be achieved.

After the step to increase assets through investments made, the next step is to re-evaluate periodically against your net worth, here is the formulation of Ideal ratio Net Worth (at least, mathematically:
Us (Age) X PT (Annual Income) / 10> = 3.5 PT (Pedapatan Annual)
So after you make an investment please evaluation (annual periodical), whether:

    * KB (Net Worth) you're> = 3.5 PT or
    * KB (Net Worth) you've been <3.5 PT

For details see sample table below, two workers with different positions:
Description Director of Employee
Age (years) 35 35
Revenues / Month (Average) Rp 35,000,000 Rp 2,500,000
Income / Year $ 420 million to Rp 30 million
Net Worth USD 850 million to Rp 125 million

Description / Analysis:
The total net worth of the Director of Rp 850 million, a net worth of the employees is only Rp 125 million, but in fact the employee is richer than the Director, this is because:
Net Worth Ratio Director of Employee
Ideal Ratio 2.02 4.17 Net Worth
Ideal Ratio of Net Worth (minimum) 3.50 3.50

So it turns out the director is not richer than the employee because the Director of Net Worth ratio is only 2.02 (may have a large debt is accompanied by a lavish lifestyle), while the employee has a Net Worth ratio is better than the minimum standard that is equal to 4, 17. Do not blame yourself if the ratio is not reached, this is the first step to doing financial planning, keep a minimum ratio of 3.50 can be achieved in a timely manner.

If you want to become financially rich are the first message is "Do You Get Rich Investing then", do not think backwards "to invest When Has Rich! '. Please try this simple message as far as we know the world's richest people doing the first message, good luck.

Reference: Taufik Gumulya detikFinance

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